How do I report a bear sighting?

The best people to call in for help dealing with bears in the most effective, professional and humane way possible is the BC Conservation Officer Service. Contact them through the Emergency Coordination Centre for Bear Sightings at 1-877-952-7277.

Here's what will happen:

  • If it's a one-time or first-time bear sighting in the area, details will be recorded and passed on to the conservation office in the area.
  • If the bear is a repeat visitor, or is behaving in a way that presents a threat to safety (i.e., rummaging in garbage or approaching a home), make sure you state those details in your report and a conservation officer may call to speak to you further about the incident.
  • In some instances, conservation officers may contact the police for assistance.

For information about how to reduce and prevent human-bear interactions External link, opens in a new windowto visit the Bear Aware BC website.