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Overview of CompStat Hotspots  

For more information on CompStat Alerts, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Hotspot 1: 

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Coquitlam: From Johnson Street in the West to Inlet Street in the East and Guildford Way in the North to Lincoln Ave in the South

Criminal activity in this hotspot during the reporting time frame:

  • Break-in to business
  • Break-in to storage lockers
  • Break-in to residence
  • Theft from vehicle
  • Theft of vehicle

Tips for protecting yourself against crimes listed above:

Break-in to businesses:


  • invest in a quality security system and use it.
  • provide staff with customer service training. Friendly staff who greet and talk with customers can deter would-be criminals.
  • show that you take pride in your business. If tagged by graffiti remove as soon as possible.
  • train employees to recognize suspicious and criminal activity, how to respond safely and to report to police.
  • invest in quality exterior doors and locks. Exterior doors should be solid-core and secured by at least one deadbolt with a minimum 1 throw (throw is the part that extends into the door frame when locked).
  • pay attention to computer security. Anti-virus, spam filters and "anti-phishing" software can protect your information and your customers’ information.
  • be involved with your community by joining a BIA and stay informed of crime hotspots by following #CQCompStat on Twitter.


  • let your windows get covered up with ads and posters. The inside of your business should be visible from the street.
  • ignore exterior landscaping. Keep hedges trimmed below 3’ and tree canopies about 7’ to ensure clear sight lines between your business and pedestrians on the street.
  • leave your employees and customers in the dark. Entrances should be well lit or lit by motion detector lights. Install anti-tampering cages over outdoor light fixtures to protect the light bulb.
  • help criminals by giving them access to the equipment they need to victimize your business. Lock up ladders and tools that could be used in a break-in, theft or robbery.
  • leave cash on the premises outside of business hours.
  • assume your staff know not to click on links in suspicious or unsolicited emails. More information on protecting your business from frauds and scams.

Break-in to residences

  • Create the illusion of occupancy when you're away by making sure mail is picked up, the yard is maintained and lights are on timers.
  • Consider investing in a multi-zone, verified alarm systems. Coquitlam RCMP gives priority response to multi-zone and verified alarms.
    Don't hide spare keys outside your home. If you need to have spare keys available, leave them with a trusted neighbour.
  • Close and lock your doors and windows. Don't leave your garage door opener in a vehicle parked on the street. Lock up ladders or tools that could help a criminal get into your home.

If you see something...say something


Email: bcrcmp@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

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